Fueling the Interoperable Web3.0

Focus areas


Decentralized Finance

DeFi represents all financial applications built on blockchain. The
futuristic technology is gearing towards a decentralized, democratic
economy where the role of centralized authorities and financial
intermediaries are brought down to the bare minimum.


Non fungible tokens

The one-of-a-kind tokens that have been spearheading the DeFi
movement for quite some time now. Crypto enthusiasts and
developers are exploring the use cases of NFTs across industries.
Whether you are an artist, creator, developer, gamer, or collector,
NFTs will enable you to monetize your contributions.



A collective virtual space that brings together physical and digital realities,
Metaverse is the technology of tomorrow. Metaverse hosts alternate virtual
spaces where people work, play, and socialize.


Asva Finance

A multi-chain DeFi aggregation engine that taps into the
combined potential of DeFi protocols across multiple

Asva Ventures

A pioneering decentralized venture funding firm that overhauls
DeFi and NFT fundraising ecosystem through a suite of
features built to empower crypto start-ups and retail investors.

Investors and Partners