Asva is driven by a team of entrepreneurs, tech developers, marketing experts,
and fintech professionals unified by a forward-looking vision for the Web 3.0
technology. Our excellent track record and expertise in diverse fronts will be
harnessed for the growth of the industry as a whole.


A democratic, decentralized financial system technically and monetarily
accessible to all that leverages the combined potential of different
blockchain networks and dApps.


Mallikarjuna Naidu

Chief Executive Officer

An early crypto investor, Mallikarjuna Naidu laid the foundations of Asva Labs to bring top blockchain ecosystems to the masses through interoperability, innovation, and usability. Having been at the forefront of some pivotal Web 3 projects, he drives the project by pooling talent and resources from across the globe.

Kumaravel N.

Chief Technology Officer

Kumaravel is a seasoned professional in subject matters relating to blockchain technology, cryptography, cloud computing, and information technology services. He has led projects at various cross-functional fronts, solidifying their technical stack. Here at Asva Labs, Kumaravel aims to upscale by building cutting-edge technological solutions in the DeFi space.

Sumit Kumar Gupta

Chief Product Officer

Sumit has a demonstrated history of working as a Product Manager for over 16 years with corporate giants such as TransUnion CIBIL, HSBC, JP Morgan, Nomura, Lehman Brothers, and CCIL. As a blockchain evangelist and design thinking practitioner, Sumit aims to revolutionize the blockchain and crypto space with his dynamic product management experience.


Michael Huynh

Co- founder
DeFi Summit

Having been at the helm of many events that drew mass traction to DeFi and NFTs, Michael is a well-known face in the crypto space. He curated the DeFi Summit 2021 with over 72 hours of talks and 200+ speakers. His expertise in marketing and strategic relationship management will help Asva Labs take its products to the global market.

Iliass Bouchir

Meridian Capital

Iliaas took his dive into the crypto industry in 2017 when he co-founded the successful VC firm Meridian Capital. He has played a key role in the development and growth of many crypto start-ups and enterprises. He offers end-to-end advisory services to the team in technical development, marketing, ecosystem expansion, and community building.

Alvin Foo

President, NASDEX

Co-Founder, DAOventures. Previously Google Head of Mobile China, IPG’s Reprise China Managing Director, Omnicom Head of Mobile. Advisor for SXSW, China Accelerator, Sparklabs Korea. Emerging Tech & Marketing Evangelist.